Toonami to Expand into Latin America with Crunchyroll

Cartoon Network has been the home of Toonami for years now, but the late-night block has had lots of change-ups in that time. From date changes to airtime, Toonami seems to have done it all. And thanks to a new update, fans have learned Toonami is expanding to a new region this month.

A new report has confirmed Crunchyroll is teaming up with Toonami to bring the block to Latin America. The late-night program will begin overseas starting August 31, and it will air Monday through Friday. Toonami will begin in this new region starting at midnight local time and run for an hour.

The first half-hour of Toonami will be dedicated to all things Dragon Ball Super. The latter half-hour will open itself up to a rotating queue of shows. Toonami will kick off with Mob Psycho 100 in this spot, but others will be able to join part later on.


"The team at Cartoon Network have been incredible partners in helping us grow the love of anime around and their Toonami block has been the premiere television destination for the anime community. By powering Toonami's return to Latin America with series curated by Crunchyroll, we can't wait to create even more fans of the medium we love," Brady McCollum, the Head of Global Operations and International at Crunchyroll, said in a new statement.

Toonami's return to Latin America is a big win for the program. After all, the region is a big consumer of anime, and it has a special affinity for Dragon Ball. Bringing the show to Latin American TVs is a big deal as it helps spread awareness for anime. And with Crunchyroll backing the initiative, audiences will be treated to a well-curated list of shows!


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