Toonami Has More Original Anime Planned After 'FLCL'

If you haven't been keeping up with Toonami on Adult Swim, you're missing out on some of the strongest anime programming the block has ever had. That's only going to continue with even more original anime projects on the way.

Toonami co-creator Jason Demarco recently let fans know on his page that there are not only more Toonami originals planned after FLCL Season 2 and 3, but they are also currently in production.

DeMarco commented on new possible series in the future back in May as well. When asked if there were any future plans with Production I.G. should the then-in-production second and third seasons of FLCL do well for the network, Demarco told the Toonami Faithful podcast, Adult Swim had a few projects in the works:

"We're in development on two or three different series right now. I don't know if any of them will go anywhere, but we are in active development on an American show and a couple of anime, so we will see..."

When asked to clarify what's shaping up on the anime front, Demarco elaborated on what Adult Swim is doing to expand its anime catalog:

"We're going to Japan every couple of months and meeting with every studio, literally we've met with almost every studio and talked to them about what they have coming up and what interests they have in collaborating with an American company...Sort of just putting our hat in the ring along with Netflix, Amazon, and everybody that's trying to lock all those studios down."

Along with new original anime, Toonami has also nabbed the broadcast rights to major anime properties like Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, My Hero Academia, and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, but even with quirky titles like Pop Team Epic to keep fans on their toes. There's now an anime for every type of fan.

If you want to see what Adult Swim's original anime is like, Toonami is gearing up to release the third season of FLCL, FLCL Alternative in September. Adult Swim describes the series as such:


"FLCL: Alternative, which hands the series over to a totally different team of young creators who will redefine the meaning of "sequel." The series centers on the misadventures of 17-year-old Kana, a high school junior who spends her days hanging out with her besties, Mossan, Hijiri, and Pets. They live unremarkable lives, until the day a Mecha falls out of the sky, along with a strange woman named "Haruko." Her plans for Kana and her friends involve the force known as "ATOMSK." Kana will have to risk everything to decide whether or not to help… like she really has a choice!"

The English dub cast for the third season includes the returning Kari Wahlgren as Haruko, Megan Taylor Harvey as Kana, Marieve Herington as Pets, Erica Lindbeck as Hijiri, Marianne Miller as Mossan, Patrick Seitz as Sudo, Max Mittelman as Sasaki, Ben Pronsky as Aida, Erick Abbate as Bunta, Steve Blum as Yoga, Erica Schroeder, and Ray Chase as Kanda.