Tower of God Confirms Season One Episode Order

Tower of God is here to make binging a little easier for anime fans. Thanks to Crunchyroll and Telecom Animation, the hugely popular web comic has made the jump to television. With its first episode live, fans from around the world are keeping a close eye on Tower of God given its stellar premiere, and audiences know how long this first season will be running.

Crunchyroll made the announcement not long ago that Tower of God would run for 13 episodes. This is a standard order for any anime series entering their first season with only a few exception. Shows like One Piece and Naruto aired with an undetermined order to start, but Tower of God fits with other seasonal series.

Of course, that means there are 12 episodes left to go before Tower of God ends. The show debuted last Wednesday to great hype, and it had simultaneous releases in Japan and South Korea. This makes sense given that Tower of God began as a manhwa in South Korea before making its way to web comic forums like WEBTOON.

(Photo: Telecom Animation / Crunchyroll)

Now, fans are left to wonder what will happen next with Tower of God. This new production marks a shift for Crunchyroll as they start partnering on highly anticipated original series. Noblesse is expected to be the next series to debut under these parameters, so the success of Tower of God will be a telling one for future series.

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