Tower of God Drops Special Episode 2 Teaser

The Twenty-Fifth Bam has landed and is attempting to find his best friend Rachel by ascending the titular Tower Of God with the popular series on Crunchyroll releasing a preview of its next new episode for fans to enjoy! Touted as one of the "Crunchyroll Originals", Tower Of God has been one of the biggest new releases of this year blending a unique artistic style from Studio Telecom Animation Film that has had fans stirring about the brand new story on the streaming service.

The first episode of the new hit for Crunchyroll didn't just introduce us to the idea of the Tower of God, but it hit the ground floor running by giving Bam and his fellow "tower-mates" with a goal that means that half the competitors will be killed as a result. It's no wonder that everything is falling into place so quickly as the first season is set to contain thirteen episodes with its premiere arc.

Crunchyroll unleashed the brand new preview that shows both Bam and his fellow competitors on the latest floor of the Tower Of God squaring off against a number of new antagonists in the form of alligator men wielding spears and looking for a hunt to sharpen their skills:

Tower Of God sets its start on the streaming service with an interesting premise, clearly gaining a fan base with its unique storyline and interesting characters. Created originally as a Webtoon, the series has picked up steam over the years since debuting in 2010 and has finally been given an anime adaptation that does the source material justice.


Alongside Tower Of God, Crunchyroll has promised a number of different series that will be released under the banner of "Crunchyroll Originals", with the streaming service attempting to better make a name for itself with these premiere anime franchises. Shows such as In/Spectre, The God Of High School, High Guardian Spice, and FreakAngels will be joining the roster of original series releasing in 2020 though they'll have big shoes to fill in comparison to the splash that Tower Of God has made.

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