Tower of God Creator Teases the Series' Comeback

Tower of God has enjoyed a fair bit of attention this year, and we have the name to thank for that. The animated adaptation of SIU's Webtoon has become hugely popular with fans all over the world. The show wrapped some time ago with no definite word being given on season two. But thanks to an update from SIU himself, fans know there is at least one comeback on its way.

And what could it be? Well, it seems the Webtoon is ready to kick back up production. SIU posted a message to fans on his personal blog this week, and it confirmed the creator was. Ready to start drawing once more.

(Photo: Line Webtoon )

"The Tower of God is currently the middle. Of drafting a manuscript. I am working hard to bring back the series in Mid-November. I will share an official [return date soon," SIU shared (via Reddit).

This announcement has shaken up the fandom as it has been some time since SIU gave an update on the Webtoon. The artist has been on a hiatus as of late for personal reasons. Many suspected SIU would return to drawing after the Tower of God season one wrapped. The theory played out perfectly as SIU is hoping to bring Tower of God back into regular publication this November, so fans are hyped about that.


As for the future of the anime, Tower of God has kept its mouth shut tightly. No word has been given on a second season, but Crunchyroll and Webtoon are still airing the shows that were announced alongside Tower of God. An official season two reveal will likely wait until the Webtoon shows have all aired. The companies need all the info when it comes to a renewal decision, so let's hope Tower of God makes it to another season!

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