Trigun Cosplay Focuses on Vash's 60 Billion Dollar New Look

Trigun Stampede makes a comeback with Vash The Stampede Cosplay.

Trigun Stampede gave anime fans a new take on Vash The Stampede for the first time in quite some time. Following its first season, the Studio ORANGE production is hyping the arrival of a "Final Phase" that will bring this reboot to a close while integrating some elements from the original manga that never found their way to the anime world. Now, one cosplayer has brilliantly brought Vash back to the forefront with some spot-on cosplay that highlights the Humanoid Typhoon's new look. 

Before Stampede arrived, fans were wondering if the new anime series would be a re-imagining of Vash's life or a prequel that would explore what the Sixty Billion Double Dollar Man was like prior to earning his reputation. As the series continued, it was clear that the television show was a re-imagining, as it would create new iterations of heroes and villains alike that had populated the Planet Gunsmoke. At present, Studio ORANGE has yet to reveal when we can expect the "Final Phase", or even what the Final Phase will look like, though fans of Trigun are waiting to see how Stampede will manage to bring this chapter of Vash's new life to a close.

Vash The Stampede Returns

Vash might have quite the bounty hanging over his head, but it's one that wasn't earned. The Humanoid Typhoon would mostly be a part of fights that were directed his way thanks to his brother Knives and various renegades on the desert planet. Spending most of his time interacting with civilians and attempting to save lives, Vash The Stampede remains an interesting anime character thanks to the Trigun series. 


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Both Trigun's original manga and anime adaptation ended in the 1990s. The creator of Vash The Stampede, Yasuhiro Nightow, played a heavy role when it came to creating this new take on the Humanoid Typhoon, though he hasn't confirmed if there are any new manga stories that are on the way. After such a long hiatus for Vash and his friends, Trigun fans were more than happy to revisit Gunsmoke via Trigun Stampede.

Which Vash look did you prefer between the old and the new? Do you think we'll get word on Stampede's return this year? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Vash The Stampede.