Is Undead Unluck Getting an Anime?

The summer anime season is moving forward at a brisk pace, and as the fall nears, all eyes are on what the industry will do next. Of course, there are some big shows on the horizon like Jujutsu Kaisen and Chainsaw Man, but there are more that have yet to be announced. And if a new report is right, then Undead Unluck may be one of the next hit manga to get its own anime.

The update comes from social media as fan-pages started teasing the project a couple of weeks ago. These pages are now saying Undead Unluck is expected to announce its anime in the next two weeks. This report comes after the Internet began buzzing about Undead Unluck and its new website. Over in Japan, a website domain named 'undead-unluck' was discovered though no information was made available to verify its authenticity. The domain debut sparked a wave of conversation on whether an anime was coming. And now, reports suggest that will be the case.

Of course, Shueisha has yet to comment on these reports. The creator of Undead Unluck has kept quiet as well, so for now, these reports are nothing more than rumors until an announcement goes live.

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If you are not familiar with Undead Unluck, the series debut in January 2020 under Yoshifumi Tozuka. The series is ongoing in Weekly Shonen Jump, so for those wanting to know more about the manga, you can read up on its official synopsis below:

"Tired of inadvertently killing people with her special ability Unluck, Fuuko Izumo sets out to end it all. But when she meets Andy, a man who longs for death but can't die, she finds a reason to live-and he finds someone capable of giving him the death he's been longing for.

All Fuuko wants is a passionate romance like the one in her favorite shojo manga. Unfortunately, her Unluck ability makes that impossible. But just as Fuuko hits rock bottom, Andy sweeps her off her feet-literally! Now she's become Andy's unwilling test subject as he works to find a way to trigger a stroke of Unluck big enough to kill him for good. However, when the pair discovers a secret organization is hunting them, it puts Andy's burial plans on hold."

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