Marvel/DC Artist Sinks His Teeth Into Vampire Hunter D Sketch

The world of North American comic books definitely has overlap when it comes to the medium of anime, with artists for Marvel and DC recently giving their take on the world of UA Academy in My Hero Academia, and another big artist in the realm of comics, Chris Samnee, tried their hand at making the anime vampire slayer, Vampire Hunter D. D, who happens to be the son of Dracula, has never had an anime series of his own, but the two feature-length films and countless light novels have explored the world of supernatural threats over the years.

Vampire Hunter D was first introduced via a novel in 1983, receiving an animated film only two years later in 1985 that explored the deadly world of vampires and the humans trying to carve out a living for themselves when the ghosts and ghouls of their land saw them as food. Following the initial animated foray, D would return in the year 2000 with the animated film, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, produced by legendary anime studio Madhouse. While there have been rumors of the vampire slayer receiving a television series, which he has never had in the past, D's status is still anyone's guess at this point.

Comic Book Artist Chris Samnee shared this amazing take on Vampire Hunter D using his Official Twitter Account, having previously worked on Marvel and DC Comics including the likes of Daredevil, Superman, Spider-Man, X-Men, and many others when it comes to two biggest comic publishers in the West:

There have been around twenty-seven novels printed that document the life of the son of Dracula, who has unseen levels of strength as well as a disturbing face that resides on the palm of one of his hands. Much like Castlevania's Alucard, this offspring of the lord of the vampires is stoic in his approach to monster hunting, not one for one-liners or humor when it came to dispatching creatures of the night. While it's been some time since we've seen D in the world of anime, we're crossing our fingers that either a new movie or anime series will be created to revisit the vampire slayer's world.


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