Vinland Saga Creator Credits Dragon Ball as a Big Inspiration

Vinland Saga might not have much in common with the insanely popular Shonen series of Dragon Ball, with the latter focusing on energy battles while the former takes a much more realistic approach to their down and dirty brawls, but the creator of the viking anime epic, Makoto Yukimaru, recently attributed the Akira Toriyama franchise to his current success. Both the anime series for Dragon Ball and Vinland Saga are in a state of limbo, with no return date set in stone for either, but we would imagine that it will only be a matter of time before we see the returns of Goku and Thorfinn!

The finale for Vinland Saga's first season threw in a number of curve balls for fans who had been following the viking saga of Thorfinn attempting to get revenge for his father's death at the hands of the marauder known as Askeladd. With the story weaving together bloody realistic battles alongside political intrigue as the war between the Danes and England, Makoto Yukimaru definitely has something special on his hands and we are crossing our fingers that a second season will be announced sooner rather than later for the anime that was produced by Attack On Titan's Wit Studio!

Makoto Yukimaru shared the news via his Official Twitter Account, letting fans know that he wasn't only influenced by Akira Toriyama's Shonen series, but also the likes of Fist of the North Star, the lesser known Kenji, and the manga that was eventually put together by Studio Ghibli in Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind:

As mentioned earlier, Wit Studio was the animation house that brought the adventures of Thorfinn and the other vikings of Vinland Saga to life, though they won't be returning to give us the fourth and final season of Attack On Titan despite working on the first three. Though they have recently worked on the Netflix hit of The Great Pretender, we certainly wouldn't mind seeing them return to the viking epic when it hopefully is brought back!


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