Pokemon: Twilight Wings Shares New Key Art

Pokemon: Twilight Wings is a spin-off anime series that has justified its existence thanks to diving into the new region that was introduced in Pokemon Sword And Shield in the Nintendo Switch exclusive video game and it seems as if the Galar based anthology has released some new key art that highlights its strongest trainers! With each episode focusing on a different aspect of the Galar Region, and often focusing on a different trainer that had been a challenge to overcome in on the Switch, with most appearing in the latest season of Pokemon: Journeys!

Pokemon: Twilight Wings is about to wrap it's run, with the seventh episode of the spin-off marking the last one in the series. With the previous episodes showing us events such as Bea's training following her loss to the current champion of Leon and the mechanics of this region that has become popular for its introduction of "Wild Areas" and "Gigantamaxing". While we haven't heard word of a "second season" or perhaps a new anime spin-off that gives the "Twilight Wings treatment" to another section region that was made popular by not only the video games, but by the anime adventures of Ash Ketchum.

Reddit User Neyo708 shared the key visual from Pokemon: Twilight Wings that features the trainers of Leon, Bea, and Milo who have definitely earned their place in the ranks of the strongest trainers in Galar, along with the current Chairman Rose all featured here front and center:

New Pokémon: Twilight Wings Visual! from r/anime

Currently, in the main series, Galar has played a significant role in the lives of Ash Ketchum and his new friend Gou as they attempt to strengthen up their rosters of pocket monsters, which often have them re-visiting the region of Galar. Having already encountered plenty of "Wild Areas" and Pokemon that have grown to gigantic heights thanks in part to the power of Gigantamaxing, they are definitely far more knowledgeable than they once were about the dangers around the corners. Needless to say, with the big hurdle that these trainers are looking to defeat in Leon, Galar will continue to play a big role in Pokemon: Journeys!

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