Will 'Dragon Ball Super' Make A Change To The Tournament Of Power Soon?

Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power is currently in the middle stages of the battle royal, with already two universes losing and being erased from existence. In the beginning, there was a set list of rules to guide the fighters competing for their universes survival, however; those rules can be ignored apparently.

Fans have been hinted that terrible things will happen in the upcoming episodes, with fans now assuming that the term "terrible things" will be a death of some kind. Although how can this happen? The tournament rules clearly state that killing is not allowed and anyone who breaches the rules will be erased immediately. However, in the most recent episode of Dragon Ball Super, fans discovered that the rules could be bent.

In episode 105 of Dragon Ball Super, fans watched as Master Roshi technically used a weapon of sorts, in order to seal away a Universe 4 fighter with his Evil Containment Wave. Immediately Universe 4's God of Destruction in Quitela challenged Roshi's actions, however; they were ignored by both Zeno's because they found the technique amusing. That means that if someone was to break the rules again, all they have to do is make sure that Zeno is amused and it will be allowed.

(Photo: Toei Animation)

Already fans have seen Master Roshi almost die; with it being likely that another character may soon come close or even actually perish next time. Otherwise, how can Goku unlock this new form? As it would make sense for it to be unlocked through anger, which is similar to the way he unlocked the Super Saiyan form against Freeza. As long as both Zeno's find the death amusing in some way, it will likely be allowed, as the Zeno's would want to see Goku in action. Therefore, by the Zeno's allowing Roshi to use that bottle, it means that playing field for the Tournament of Power has permanently changed.