WWE's New Day Ranks Dragon Ball Z As The Greatest TV Show

It's a New Day, yes it is! The WWE's premiere tag team in the New Day have been no strangers to [...]

It's a New Day, yes it is! The WWE's premiere tag team in the New Day have been no strangers to the world of pop culture, brandishing wrestling attire that pay homage to a number of different series and movies, and the wrestlers have deemed that Dragon Ball Z is the greatest television show of all time. Sharing the news via their Instagram, WWE's official account shared the fact that the trio of wrestlers from the New Day, who has donned the Saiyan armor a number of times during some of the bigger events, believe the franchise of Akira Toriyama stands above the rest as they stated in their official Podcast.

The New Day have left their love of all things nerd-dom on their sleeves, making frequent appearances at conventions such as Dragon Con to show off apparel that is styled after hits such as Black Panther, Mortal Kombat, Final Fantasy, and numerous others. The wrestling tag team has also been given a breakfast cereal of their own, showing just how committed they are to spreading the "good word" of both the New Day and their love of all things pop culture with "Booty-O's".

WWE's Official Instagram Account shared the decree from the New Day, stating that Dragon Ball Z was ranked by them to be the number one television show of all time, showing off their love of the series not just with this decision but with their choice of Saiyan Armor attire as well:

Dragon Ball Z may have come to an end decades ago, but the brain child of Akira Toriyama continues to this day with the sequel series of Dragon Ball Super. While the anime version of this series had over a hundred episodes to its name, it is currently on hiatus though the manga continues, pitting the Z Fighters against a brand new villain in Moro. Though a return date has not yet been given for Dragon Ball Super's anime, its continued popularity is one that will clearly march forward and have the franchise hitting top lists for years to come.

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