Yashahime: Princess Half Demon Reveals English Dub Preview

The sequel to Inuyasha has arrived having already released several episodes of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon via the Japanese Dub, and it seems that the English Dub will be released far sooner than we all might have expected as confirmed by this preview! With the sequel series following the daughters of both Inuyasha and his half brother Sesshomaru, the anime so far has presented fans with a number of different mysteries about the statuses of the original cast members, who will be voiced in the English Dub by their voice actors that helped make the original Inuyasha series a success!

The protagonists of the series in Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha each have their own unique personalities with the daughters of Sesshomaru being separated between the magical world of the past and the modern era when they were both toddlers. Towa was dragged into the modern era, raised by her uncle, the brother of Kagome, while Setsuna remained in the past, forming a personality that was far more like their father while also hunting demons using her own abilities granted to her thanks to her status as a "half-demon". While the current status of both Inuyasha and Sesshomaru is unknown, fans are anxiously waiting to see what these main characters have been up to and why they have been absent from their daughters' lives!

Funimation shared the first English Dub Clip via their Official Twitter Account, giving fans their first glimpses at the english voices for the trio of heroines in Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha, as these versions of the episodes will look to keep pace with the several episodes of the Japanese version that have already been released:

Yashahime hasn't wasted any time in establishing this brand new world that was created by Inuyasha's originator in Rumiko Takahashi, looking to expand on the supernatural world years after the conclusion of the stories of Inuyasha and Kagome!

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