Japan's Most Famous Cosplayer Finally Tackles a Yu-Gi-Oh Look

Yu-Gi-Oh may not be in the front of headlines as much these days, but the franchise still has supporters around the world. Its anime and trading card game still bring in new fans to this day, and that fandom continues to hype Yu-Gi-Oh the best it can. And thanks to one world-famous cosplay, Yu-Gi-Oh got a major publicity boost this week with a global trending topic.

The whole ordeal began when Yu-Gi-Oh posted a special photo over on Twitter that broke the cosplay community. The Japanese page shared a shot of the cosplayer Enako dressed as the Dark Magician Girl, and fans were quick to geek out over the gift.

After all, Enako is not just a simple cosplayer. The girl has become one of the top cosplay models in all of Japan. After being introduced to cosplay culture in 2007, Enako has become one of the most sought-after models in Japan for otakus. She regularly draws in hundreds if not thousands of fans at Comiket, and Enako has done up some very impressive looks.

Recently, Enako has gone viral for her cosplays from Sword Art Online, Rent-a-Girlfriend, and Re:Zero. Enako has since gone on to enjoy work as a singer and voice actor, so her fans are always eager to see her next work. And at long last, it seems Enako felt it was time to pay tribute to Yu-Gi-Oh with the Dark Magician Girl.


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