Viral Yu-Gi-Oh Art Imagines Its Heroes with Their Hair Down

If there is one thing fans know Yu-Gi-Oh for, it would be the show's insane hair. Anime has earned a reputation for giving its protagonists wild hair colors and styles, but Yu-Gi-Oh went above and beyond with its cuts. Every protagonist from Yu-Gi-Oh has had gravity defying hair, but one fan decided to imagine what would happen if Yugi Muto wore his hair down.

The artwork was done by Twitter user leario4 who is a self-proclaimed Yu-Gi-Oh guru. They decided to give Yugi and his dark counterpart a makeover that flips their hair. Shortly after posting the piece, the artwork has gone viral, and fans are shocked by how good the transformation looks.

You can find the artwork above as Yugi and Yami are posing side by side. To the right, fans can see the former hero with his blond bangs framing his face. The rest of his hair is also down and lays below his ears. Yugi is rocking this casual look with ease, and if you ask fans about his style, they will praise his edgy look. In fact, some have compared the hero to an e-boy, so that is an imagine we will never forget.

As for Yami, the ancient Pharaoh looks suave with his curly hair down. His bangs are shown flaring from his face, and the style gives Yami some serious body. When paired with his all-black ensemble, Yami looks like a model straight from a magazine, and his gold accents only make that image stronger. So if Yu-Gi-Oh wants to embrace this hot makeover for real, fans have no objections!


What do you make of this viral artwork? Does it feel right or wrong to see Yugi this way...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.