Yu-Gi-Oh Creator Embraces Summer with New Joey and Mai Art

Yu-Gi-Oh fans are always down to check in on Mai, but they so rarely hear from the rogue duelist these days. After the girl betrayed her friends and came back to her senses, things have never been the same. Her loose ends still have fans of the anime tied up in knots, but a piece of artwork from Yu-Gi-Oh's creator hopes to ease their curiosity.

Over on Instagram, the artist posted a piece of artwork that got fans all fired up. Kazuki Takahashi felt it was time to celebrate summer even amidst a pandemic, and he did so by drawing Mai on a beach vacation alongside the one and only Joey Wheeler.

So yes, we are leaving it up to you to decide if there's anything between the pair. Mai may be the eldest of the pair, but an older Joey wouldn't be amiss to pursue her given this artwork. After all, Mai seems as if she is interested in Joey... but the boy is far more interested in the sea.

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暑い、、、、💦 海が恋しい、、、😭

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You can see the art from Takahashi above in all of its sunny glory. Mai takes up much of the forefront as she lounges on a purple beach chair. With a pink bikini on, the heroine looks comfy in a pair of sleek sunglasses with her blonde hair down. As for Joey, the loudmouth duelist is wearing baggy green board shorts, and he seems to have two drinks in hand. The blue cup appears to belong to Joey, so fans are thinking the pink cup contains a little treat for Mai.

Clearly, this summery artwork is gorgeous, and it hints at one of the franchise's biggest head-canon couples. Yu-Gi-Oh may not have shipped the pair for real, but many have come to adore Joey x Mai in a post-series world. As for Takahashi, the artist simply felt the need to draw this scene after a recent heatwave in Japan. The creator says he misses the beach, but for the sake of self-isolating, Takahashi is keeping off the waterline for right now.

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