Gold Medalist Yuzuru Hanyu Fanboys Over 'Tokyo Ghoul'

The figure skating fandom has known about Yuzuru Hanyu for years, but the rest of the world is catching up these days. The athlete stunned audiences after he placed first in the men’s figure skating program at the Winter Olympics. Right now, Hanyu is a bonafide celebrity not only in Japan but around the world.

Just, don’t go thinking the athlete has gotten a bit ego over his fame. When it comes to idols, Hanyu is just like any other otaku who would be tongue-tied in front of Ken Kaneki.

Yes, that is right... Hanyu is a huge fan of Tokyo Ghoul. In the past, the figure skater has talked about his love for the series, but his fanboy side came out not long ago during a Japanese interview.

With the winter games finished, Hanyu has returned to Japan to celebrate his gold medal win. The athlete was brought onto a Japanese talk show to speak about his multiple Olympic feats, but he was surprised with a Tokyo Ghoul gift. The voice actor for Kaneki chatted with Hanyu whilst in character, and the whole exchange is pretty dang precious.

As you can see above, Hanyu spoke with Kaneki twice. In the first video, the skater talked with the Tokyo Ghoul lead while his ghoul state was controlled. Kaneki gave Hanyu a warm congratulations before offering him a cup of coffee. Hanyu blushed and shyly addressed Kaneki as the half-ghoul praised him, but he kept his cool. That is, until Hanyu asked Kaneki to eat him.

During the pair’s chat, Kaneki lost control of his ghoul and gave into his white side. Yuzuru looked excited at the change, but nothing could beat when Kaneki said he was moved by his skating. The character said, “If you were to be devoured, it cannot be helped, right?”

Naturally, Hanyu was down for the act. “Of course! Absolutely,” the skater enthused. “Please eat me!”


So, there you have it. If anyone ever looks down on you for enjoying Tokyo Ghoul, you can point them towards Hanyu and tell them to stick their non-existent gold medal where the CCG don't shine.

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