Zack Snyder and Jay Olivia's Norse Anime Offers Production Update

Netflix is never going to turn down a solid anime pitch, and it was sold on one made by Jay Olivia and Zack Snyder some time ago. Fans have known for a while now that the filmmaking duo was working together on an anime, and some new details about the show have come to light. After all, Olivia spoke with fans about the project during a recent virtual convention, and he said production is underway on the Norse-centric anime right now.

For those needing a recap, let's rewind the clock a bit. Netflix announced it ordered an original anime from Olivia and Snyder that focuses on Norse gods and mythology. The big announcement took fans by surprise last summer, but Olivia never doubted the project for a second. The untitled show is being handled by his animation studio Lex and Otis. Olivia is the show's director and showrunner while Snyder acts as an executive producer for his first-ever animation gig.

During a recent convention, Olivia was asked how the anime is faring, and the director said the Norse show is in production. He also went on to say "Netflix is super jazzed" about the original show. Olivia went on to discuss Snyder's work on the anime given how this title is the first animated project he's ever worked on. As for Olivia, he has worked on several DC animated films such as The Dark Knight Returns, so he has been helping his creative partner out all whilst social distancing.

zack snyder anime

Of course, Snyder has been busy elsewhere as the DCEU legend has been finishing his cut of Justice League. HBO Max announced its plans weeks ago to stream the director's exclusive cut after the theatrical version bombed in theaters. Zack Snyder's Justice League is expected to debut at some point next year.


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