Ahoy Comics Announces Black's Myth: The Key To His Heart By Eric Palicki and Wendell Cavalcanti (Exclusive)

Eric Palicki and Wendell Cavalcanti are returning to the world of their acclaimed series Black's Myth for AHOY Comics. The publisher has provided ComicBook.com with an exclusive look at the first cover to Black's Myth: The Key to His Heart, out in June from the AHOY. The cover is from Liana Kangas (Trve Kvlt, She Said Destroy), and gives a first look at the next foray into the Black's Myth world. Palicki (Atlantis Wasn't Built For Tourists) and Cavalcanti (BlackAcre) are back for the interior story and art, bringing the same punk-rock sensibilities as the original series to The Key to His Heart

The critically acclaimed comic features werewolf PI Janie Jones "Strummer" Mercado and her charming djinn assistant Ben Si'lat solving crimes in the "supernatural underground" thriving in Los Angeles. Black's Myth: The Key to His Heart debuts in June, with an incentive cover by Tim Seeley.

"I've made a terrible mistake, and I don't just mean pursuing a career in comics!" Eric Palicki told ComicBook.com in a statement.. "How can we continue calling our book Black's Myth unless Strummer once again finds herself in the orbit of her enigmatic client-turned-nemesis Rainsford Black? Hopefully, Volume Two reveals Mister Black to be a little less mysterious and perhaps a tad more sympathetic, as Wendell and I build on the unanswered questions of the first volume while also delivering a new mystery for Strums and Ben to unravel."

Take a look at Kangas's main cover for Black's Myth: The Key to His Heart #1 below.

(Photo: Liana Kangas/Ahoy Comics)

"I've always loved werewolves, but I never thought I'd be working on a werewolf comic series," artist Wendell Cavalcanti added. "And here I am for the second time (wow!), in a supernatural Los Angeles where I can draw werewolves, vampires, djinns, witches, and The Minotaur (there is only one). It's exciting to show a little more of these characters. I can only say thank you very much to all of you." 

Here's how the publisher describes the new miniseries: "In her latest case, werewolf private eye Janie Jones "Strummer" Mercado tries to prevent a young girl from becoming a monster with the aid of her suave djinn assistant, Ben Si'lat. But will Strummer gain an intern instead? And why is an old enemy sending mysterious packages to her house?"

Black's Myth: The Key to His Heart will be published monthly by AHOY Comics, with the first issue hitting stores on June 21, 2023, for $3.99.  Like all AHOY titles, it will feature extra prose stories and illustrations in the back.