Gold Lantern Debuts in DC Comics' Legion of Super-Heroes

Gold Lantern had his big DC Comics debut in Legion of Super-Heroes this week. There have been a [...]

Gold Lantern had his big DC Comics debut in Legion of Super-Heroes this week. There have been a ton of the spectrum-colored warriors to grace the pages of the company's books. Brian Michael Bendis and his team are teasing big things in regard to the young hero's origin story. *Spoilers are on the way for Legion of Super-Heroes #6.* Gold Lantern may look like a strange reflection of the Sinestro Corps, but he's another thing entirely. This probably surprises readers, and it certainly surprised Superboy when he saw the yellow streak fly into battle with Qrot and the Horror Collective. The United Planets were under siege and things were looking a bit hairy for the heroes until GL swooped in for the timely assist.

The young hero called Superboy Jon Kent and then got to work helping to retrieve Aquaman's trident from Atlantis. While all this going on, Superboy and the readers note some differences about the new Lantern including his flight ring and power ring combo. It would seem the Gold Lanterns work a lot like the Green Lantern Corps, because the golden hero is in charge of this "galactic." Bends even has the Legionnaires hint that the origin story for the new Lantern is going to be really epic. Fortunately, he and Superboy manage to fend off the collective power of the entire solar system's oceans to secure victory. However, there are villains off in the distance waiting to snuff out this new light.

Last year, the comic creator spoke with about how excited he was to be taking on the Legion. The colorful cast of characters was a huge draw for Bendis.

"It literally took months just to design the characters, and [Ryan Sook is] working on it every day. I reached out to him and sold this enormous insanity that you see in front of you. and lo and behold, it was exactly what he was looking for. He was looking for the biggest challenge, and he has taken it on immensely," Bendis told when the project was announced.

"My favorite thing from this whole year that no one knows about, is that Ryan sends in all these designs -- usually with a pamphlet of notes and character ideas -- and he's truly creating this with us. I get to share it with our other peers and they get to flip out and get impressed, it's fantastic. Ryan is an artist's artist; they love him, and this is the work of his life. I'm so honored to be part of it. So, yes, Ryan was a very early part of this."

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