Titans Creative Team Reveals How the Heroes Step Up to Replace the Justice League

The Titans are stepping up to replace the Justice League in the DC Universe, and they're doing it in a new ongoing series. Titans comes from the fan-favorite creative team of Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott, who previously worked together on Earth-2. Tom Taylor is currently writing Dick Grayson's adventures in Nightwing, and its 100th issue teased the reformation of Titans in Bludhaven. The new Titans series spins out of the events in Nightwing #100 and Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, with the Justice League alive again, but taking a backseat to the former sidekicks. 

Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott spoke to Popverse about Titans, and how they're helping to transition the team past the hallmark Marv Wolfman and George Perez run. "I think we're just fulfilling the promise," Taylor said. "It's always been there — there's been so many storylines and so many moments over the decades where people have said, "You will step up and you will be the premier superior team. You will be the next Justice League." And then it just… doesn't happen. The amount of times that Batman has told Nightwing that he will lead, or that Superman told him that he will lead, and it didn't happen. Finally, now in 2023, the Titans get to step up and be the premiere superhero team of the DC Universe. So that's ridiculously exciting that we finally get to fulfill that."

Taylor added how the Titans will continue to operate in their signature manner, and not try to emulate the Justice League. "There's a moment in issue one where Nightwing responds to authority, and Batman would always do that in a certain way, but Nightwing is just like, 'Yeah, but we can work together if you want. We don't need weird antagonist relationships. ' It's a very different feel, a very different dynamic," he said."

"And I love that, as this group of characters comes together to fill the shoes of the Justice League, the vacancy that the Justice League are leaving, they're not deciding to call themselves the Justice League. They're 100% the Titans," Nicola Scott said.

Titans Joins Dawn of DC 

DC revealed the first details surrounding the second wave of Dawn of DC books, which will be available wherever comics are sold beginning in the early summer. These include the first looks and creative teams for the previously-announced Cyborg and Green Lantern, as well as the announcement of a new Titans series from Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott. Green Lantern will be available on May 9th, while Titans and Cyborg will both launch on May 16th.

Green Lantern will be written by Jeremy Adams with art by Xermánico, and will also feature the first chapter of a John Stewart Green Lantern story from writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson and artist Osvaldo Montos. Cyborg will be written by Morgan Hampton from The Milestone Initiative Talent Development Program, with art by Tom Raney.

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