Marvel Releases Heroes Reborn Trailer

Marvel has released the trailer for Heroes Reborn, reimagining the Marvel Universe without the [...]

Marvel has released the trailer for Heroes Reborn, reimagining the Marvel Universe without the Avengers. Last week, Marvel Comics announced the return of Heroes Reborn by posing the question, "Whatever happened to Earth's mightiest heroes?" The hinted at the answer with a series of teasers offering glimpses into a very different looking Marvel Universe. Now the trailer for Heroes Reborn confirms the core concept of the new event. This is a universe where the Avengers never assembled, but Earth still has its protectors, including members of the Squadron Supreme. The trailer also confirms that the current Avengers creative team of writer Jason Aaron and artist Ed McGuinness will be behind the new Heroes Reborn.

In this universe, Tony Stark never built the Iron Man armor, Thor is an Atheist, and Wakanda is a myth. Without the Avengers to find him, Captain America remains frozen in ice. The Squadron Supreme of America (essentially, Marvel's Justice League) are Earth's protectors, battling villains like Dr. Juggernaut, the Black Skull, the Silver Witch, and Thanos. Blade is the only hero who remembers the world as it was.

"Maybe the wildest story I've ever put on paper. I got to cut loose on this and release my inner comic-reared child in a really profound way, and together with a cadre of immensely imaginative artists, we built a world that I'm pretty confident in saying is quite unlike any version of the Marvel Universe you've seen before," Aaron says in a press release. "It grew out of the pages of my Avengers run, but kept getting bigger and bigger as it went, and the more pieces I put in place for this Reborn world, the more gleeful and excited I became. This project really stoked the fires of my love for comics in all the right ways."

"It's only natural that after the Phoenix burns the world to ash, there should come a rebirth, and so Reborn is the next big step in the massive super-story that Jason and Ed have been crafting in Avengers," Executive Editor Tom Brevoort says. "Prepare to enter a very different yet hauntingly familiar Marvel Universe!"

Heroes Reborn 2021 Marvel
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"I've been having an absolute blast designing and drawing some new spins on old favorites Jason Aaron has brought to the table," McGuinness said. "They are all with a purpose story wise which makes them really cool to get into from the art side of things. He may be the maddest scientist of all!"

Heroes Reborn #1 goes on sale in May.

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