Black Widow Joins Marvel's New Avengers Team

The new Uncanny Avengers team is getting another Avenger - Natasha Romanoff the Black Widow!

Black Widow is one of the Marvel heroes joining the newest Avengers team – aka, the Uncanny Avengers! 

The new "Fall of X" event that began in X-Men comics has spilled out over the entire Marvel Universe. The anti-mutant human coalition Orchis decimated the X-Men and their mutant nation of Krakoa and successfully banished nearly all mutants from the  Earth. Key figures from the Avengers (Captain America and Iron Man) have stepped up to aid what's left of mutantkind, with Cap going so far as creating a pocket of resistance in an Avengers squad that combines some of the most dangerous (and morally questionable) mutants around, including Quicksilver, Rogue, Deadpool, Psylocke, and Penance. Well, that kind of team can only benefit from the skill sets of one of the most deadly and morally questionable Avengers around Natasha Romanoff! 

Before Uncanny Avengers first launched, Marvel writer Gerry Duggan teased to that there would be more Avengers coming into the book, after its initial launch: 

"Well, that was the real joy of the first issue was how that works. The fun thing about collaborating is having that aspect to something of, "Oh, this is coming back in a way that is totally different than I would have imagined." It is a little X-heavy on the front end of it, but we haven't quite revealed all of the cast. There are some more Avengers to come. Avengers to be named later, as we'll say. "

As you can see below in the preview for Uncanny Avengers #2, Black Widow gets one hell of an entrance into this series. (SPOILERS) Uncanny Avengers #1 ended on the cliffhanger of Cap's team having to battle the Captain Krakoa imposter – someone so powerful that he was able to snap Steve Rogers' arm like it was a twig. Cap looked like he was in real trouble: but as you can see in the preview page for Uncanny Avengers #2, Black Widow is there for the save! 

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Written by: Gerry Duggan (Writer)
Art by: Javier Garron (Artist), Morry Hollowell (Colorist)
Cover Art by: Javier Garron (Cover Artist), Morry Hollowell (Cover Colorist)
Page Count: 40 pages
Release Date: September 20, 2023
Legacy #62

At a time when mutant and human relations are in the toilet, the Uncanny Avengers have run smack into a new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and, folks, lemme tell you—they came here to beat up Avengers and X-Men and chew gum, and they're all outta gum. Wake up, babe, a new romance hits that will make readers froth at the mouth. Plus, Ben Urich. Always the mark of a quality and important Marvel Comic. FOOM!