Arrowverse Star Neal McDonough Wants Damien Darhk to Fight Batman

Neal McDonough, the actor who played Damien Darhk over the course of several seasons of Arrow and [...]

Neal McDonough, the actor who played Damien Darhk over the course of several seasons of Arrow and DC's Legends of Tomorrow, would love to see his character get one more go-'round with a new superhero: Batman. During a panel at Fan Expo in Vancouver last week, McDonough told fans that the Dark Knight "wouldn't stand a chance" against Damien Darhk, and that he would love to see the character of Damien head over to the movies. While he did not clarify specifically that he would like to be the one to appear on the big screen, it makes sense, given that he already has a big-screen pedigree (in, among other things, Captain America: The First Avenger).

Damien, a minor character in the comics, has become a major player in the Arrowverse, first serving as the central antagonist of Arrow's fourth season, and then being one of the major threats in the second and third seasons of Legends of Tomorrow. While his daughter, Nora (Courtney Ford), is still a recurring character on Legends, Damien himself is currently dead.

"I would like to see Damien Darhk go up against Batman, I think that would be fun," McDonough told an audience at Fan Expo Vancouver. "He wouldn't stand a chance. I would love Damien to go over into the movie world. I'm not sure they could ever do it, because it's different worlds and such, but it certainly would be fun to kick Batman's butt. It would just be a great, fun time."

Of course, there are a couple of things to consider here: while he is right that there will probably not be any crossover between the Arrowverse and the movies right now, the next Batman film -- The Batman from filmmaker Matt Reeves -- will not take place within the continuity of the existing DC films, so there is really no reason to completely ignore the possibility that it takes place within the Arrowverse's timeline, but before Bruce Wayne disappeared. We also know that the DC movies as they exist are part of the Arrowverse's multiverse, thanks to a visit from Ezra Miller's Barry Allen during "Crisis on Infinite Earths."

He is also likely forgetting, that whether in the movies or in the Arrowverse, DC's official position seems to be that Batman is Crazy Prepared and can be anyone, anytime, for any reason.

Damien Darhk's daughter Nora has a major story coming up on DC's Legends of Tomorrow, which airs on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, following episodes of The Flash.