New DC Series Reveals Batman and Superman's Family Ties

DC Comics' latest series featuring Batman and Superman is changing the two iconic heroes' relationship dynamic in a major way!. The new series Dark Knights of Steel takes relocates the origins of Superman and Batman to the Medieval era, where the DC Universe and its characters get some fun Game of Thrones-style drama and action. Writer Tom Taylor ends the first issue of the series with a major twist on the usual Batman and Superman origin stories, instead establishing that in this version of the mythos, The Man of Steel and Dark Knight are more than just friends - they're brothers! 

(Warning: Dark Knights of Steel #1 SPOILERS Follow!) 

The first issue of Dark Knights of Steel begins with the retelling of Superman's origin story. In this version, Jor-El and his wife Lara Lor-Van both escape Krypton in a rocket, and land on Medieval earth as Lara is in labor and giving birth to their son, Kal-El. Medieval knights happen about the crashed rocket and attack - which is when Jor-El discovers the god-like powers that Earth's sun gives him, and wipes out the hostile forces in a fiery blast. 

Taylor conspicuously jumps the story forward nearly two decades after the Kryptonian arrival on Earth, leaving a lot of time and development unexplained. We find that Bruce Wayne is living in Castle El as the bastard of the former rulers the Waynes that King Jor-El kept as a charge. As the Bat-Knight, Bruce and his company of Robins all protect prince Kal-El from the threats that rival king Jefferson Pierce may send their way. 

The first chapter of Dark Knights of Steel centers on Batman tracking down a so-called Banshee (Dinah Lance/Black Canary ) who King Jefferson allegedly sent as an assassin to kill Kal-El. During that epic battle, Dinah hits Bruce with what should be a lethal sonic scream - but Bruce survives and is able to defeat her. That encounter leaves the Bat-Knight with major fears that he's been cursed with black magic, and needs to be banished by the king to ensure the safety of the kingdom. 


Seeing Bruce spiral convinces King Jor-El to reveal a startling (and scandalous) truth: Bruce isn't Thomas Wayne's bastard: Jor-El and Martha Wayne at some point had an affair, and Bruce is actually Jor-El's bastard son! 

While some DC fans may roll their eyes at this change in Batman and Superman's lore and call it more multiversal gimmickry by DC, it does make a certain amount of logical sense in the context of Dark Knights of Steel.