Batwoman Recap With Spoilers: Everything You Missed in "Antifreeze"

If you need to catch up on the most essential details and storylines from Batwoman's latest episode, we're here to help. Here are the biggest reveals and Easter eggs from "Antifreeze." Obviously, spoilers for Season 3, Episode 4 of Batwoman, "Antifreeze", below! Only look if you want to know!


A man tries experiments to "reanimate" frozen corpses with Mr. Freeze's toxin.

Thanks to Marquis, Ryan is named among Gotham's "30 Under 30" list, and invited to a gala. Ryan gets help from Charlie, Wayne's head of publicity, as she attends the event — and tries to deal with Marquis, who wants to spend more time with her.

Sophie shows up to the event with Jordan, who is also being honored. Sophie reveals that she had a somewhat-romantic dream about Ryan, and Jordan suggests going after her. Jordan later gets kidnapped by the man conducting experiments, and Sophie and Ryan find her cryogenically frozen. 

Mary wakes up surrounded by the Poison Ivy vines in Gotham Park. As she tries to tell Ryan and Luke what happened, they blow her off. Meanwhile, Alice wakes up back in Arkham, continuing to be paranoid about the nanobots. She hallucinated receiving more letters from Jacob, as well as potentially killing a guard. Alice goes to Mary and helps solve what happened with Jordan — that she was frozen because she was investigating the Black Glove Society, a shady organization that she was going to unmask at the gala. 

As Sophie and Alice try to find Jordan's evidence on Black Glove, Alice continues to hallucinate. The Black Glove Society then shows up and ties them both up, almost killing them — until Ryan arrives and saves them. Mary, meanwhile, figures out how to use plants to save Jordan. Jordan is unfrozen and recuperates, and Alice tells Ryan, Sophie, and Mary of her mental condition that is being made worse by Arkham, suggesting that they convince Renee to remove her out of Arkham and to be "babysat" by Sophie.

Jada tips off Vesper Fairchild that Ryan has been transferring Wayne funds illegally — money that is really going to the fight as Batwoman. Vesper publicly breaks the news in the middle of the gala, which causes trouble for Ryan. Later, Luke pulls some strings to cover the illegal funds as a contract with ARGUS, but Ryan is warned that she and Luke might lose the company in a hostile takeover. Ryan asks Marquis if Jada is going to take over Wayne Enterprises, and suggests that they both work together to stop her.

The man with Black Glove meets with Jada, giving her the new formula of Freeze toxin. She reveals that she wants to use the toxin on Marquis.

Luke gets the Lucius AI to work again, only for it to tell him that he isn't prepared to wear the Batwing suit.


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