Blue Beetle Movie DC FanDome Concept Art Might Confirm Ted Kord

A first tease for the upcoming Blue Beetle movie was revealed during DC FanDome today, offering a look at concept art for the titular hero's costume in the HBO Max original movie. Hidden in the art however was a little Easter egg that has some fans wondering if another Blue Beetle will appear in the film as the logo for Ted Kord's Kord Industries can be seen in the background. For the time being we can only assume this is a reference for fans to point at and notice as no specific mention of Kord's version of the hero was mentioned as being in the film.

Director Angel Manuel Sota, screenwriter Gareth Dunnet-Alcoce, and the film's Jamie Reyes Xolo Maridueña were present for the film's brief spotlight during DC FanDome, teasing what fans could expect from the film as well as offering a bit of a 101 class for the character for newcomers. You can see the concept art released for the film's suit below, featuring the Kord logo in the background, below. It's difficult to surmise if this Kord Industries logo is one that will actually be included in the new movie though as it's the same Kord Industries logo that has popped up in various DC TV shows for the better part of decade (mostly the Arrow-verse, but also Smallville).


"The thing that I love most about comic book series is you see different versions of suits, like, you see the metal version, you see the flying suit version and this and that, and I'm just so excited with each superhero movie, you have to one-up each other," Maridueña said during the panel (H/T CBR). "So, I know for a fact that any of the other superheroes out there would think they have the best superhero suit. I'm calling you out for a rap battle. We got the best suit over here at Blue Beetle. And I haven't even seen it, that's how confident I am."

"For once, we are able to see a hero that comes from a family from a similar economic background from the ones that we came from and represents the majority of people who are coming from the bottom," Soto added.

An official premiere date for Blue Beetle has not yet been confirmed but the project is officially in the works for HBO Max along with the Batgirl movie.