The Flash: Ezra Miller Shares Amazing Behind-the-Scenes Photo of Crisis on Infinite Earths Cameo

The conclusion to "Crisis on Infinite Earths" has given DC fans quite a lot to talk about, especially with regards to the cameo from DC Extended Universe star Ezra Miller. Miller's take on Barry Allen/The Flash made a surprise appearance in the event's fourth hour, in an epic meeting between him and the Arrowverse's Barry Allen/The Flash (Grant Gustin). Despite fans spending years dreaming of Miller and Gustin sharing the screen in some capacity, the moment completely took everyone by surprise in the best way -- and it looks like Miller is adding to the hype. On Thursday, the social media accounts for Miller's band, Sons of an Illustrious Father, shared a behind-the-scenes photo of himself and Gustin on set.

The photo shows Miller with his leg wrapped around Gustin, with Miller, who is openly queer, joking in the caption that the photo is for "gay nerd Twitter". The photo is made even better with an array of hashtags, which include "#flash4flash", "#yeshomo" and "#GAY".

The "Flash4Flash" moment reportedly involved an interesting behind-the-scenes process, as DC executives suggested Miller make his cameo after "Crisis" had essentially wrapped.


"Basically, I was really working hand-in-hand with Jim," crossover producer Marc Guggenheim told EW. "From the moment we found out that this was a possibility, to once we knew Grant Gustin was cool and on board with it and Ezra was on board with it, I would send drafts of the scene to both Jim Lee and [DC Entertainment’s film VP] Adam Schlagman and we would just go back and forth. The trick with the scene is that I didn’t want to and they didn’t want me to do anything that stepped on the toes of the Flashpoint movie that they’re developing. So, we really worked hand-in-hand. Jim was really great about just making sure that all the parties were talking to each other, that nothing was getting stalled. He was a cheerleader when he needed to be, a diplomat when he needed to be. He really stepped up in every way one could do it. His enthusiasm really helped make this possible."

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