Dark Nights: Death Metal - Who Is The Omega Knight?

DC's Dark Nights: Death Metal event has been full of twists and turns and unexpected moments, as it tees up a "Dark Crisis" throughout the DC multiverse. Along the way, fans have been introduced to some bone-chilling new characters, either through alternate takes on iconic DC characters, or terrifying entirely new threats. The latest issue of Justice League, which ties into Death Metal with a Doom Metal storyline, is certainly no exception. The issue introduced a character that will be a formidable foe in the years to come -- one that plays off of years of comic storytelling in the process. Spoilers for Justice League #53 below!

The issue follows Nightwing, Hawkgirl, and Detective Chimp joining forces in an apocalyptic "Metalverse", as they try to travel to the ruins of the Hall of Justice. There, they found an unexpected foe -- Lex Luthor, who expressed that he felt guilty for his previous dark deeds causing the rise of Perpetua and The Batman Who Laughs. As Luthor explained to the team, Perpetua's throne - which was powered by the remains of the Legion of Doom - is located in Brimstone Bay. In order to properly free the Legion of Doom, a potential challenger would need to face off against a massive foe -- a massive monster dubbed "The Omega Knight".

dark nights death metal omega knight 2
(Photo: DC Entertainment)

According to Lex, the Omega Knight was created by Perpetua, after she gathered and resurrected the remains of the Omega Titans, who had died at the destruction of the Source Wall. The Omega Knight serves as a sort of proverbial bodyguard for Perpetua, facing off against Martian Manhunter when he tried to free the Legion of Doom.

For some fans, the establishing of the Omega Knight will surely be surprising, as it plays off of the events of the 2018 miniseries Justice League: No Justice. With No Justice co-writer Joshua Williamson helming this Justice League arc, the arrival of the character will not only introduce a terrifying new threat, but it will continue years of storytelling in the process.


"It was created in the Dark Multiverse and has been brought to protect the throne. It's an impossible challenge: You go back and look at No Justice, how much it took just to destroy one of them; one of them destroyed [Brainiac's home world] Colu, one of them came to Earth and was going to destroy Earth," Williamson recently told CBR. "And all the steps it took to try to destroy one was nearly impossible and it took so many members of the Justice League and, in this case, you don't have that, you don't have that exact same team. They have the experience of fighting one but they don't have that exact same team and so it's like what can they do to try to take on this giant, monstrous thing."

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