DC Cancels Another New Age of Heroes Series

The DC's New Age of Heroes has just suffered another casualty.According to DC's new March [...]

The DC's New Age of Heroes has just suffered another casualty.

According to DC's new March solicitations, The Curse of Brimstone will be ending with its upcoming twelfth issue. This marks the latest series under the "New Age of Heroes" umbrella to suffer from a cancellation, after Sideways and The Immortal Men both ended earlier this year.

The Curse of Brimstone follows Joe Chamberlain, a small-town kid who makes a deal with the devil in order to save his small town. The series, which hails from Justin Jordan, proved to be a rather personal narrative, even in the larger-than-life DC world.

"The Curse of Brimstone is a very personal sort of book, which is actually why I was doing it when Dan [DiDio] approached me about doing a supernatural kind of book," Jordan told ComicBook.com earlier this year. "I come from a very rural place in Pennsylvania. The county that I live in is the size of Rhode Island and has 40,000 people in it. It is literally 99% white people; it is that kind of place. It is coal country. The coal mines moved out, factories moved in, factories moved out, nothing moved in. It's a dying area. And most of the U.S. by geography is that — but that is not what we see in superhero comics."

"I was trying to reconcile — I see these people making decisions that I think are bad for them. I see them personally because I still live in an area like that," he added. "I was like, 'what drives people to make those kind of decisions?' I don't think in fiction, especially comics, that has been real accurately portrayed. I think horror gives us a lens to look at that kind of stuff. I think horror works well when it's examining real things and real fears and stuff."

You can check out the solicitation and cover for The Curse of Brimstone #12 below!

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written by JUSTIN JORDAN
It's the epic finale! As Brimstone struggles to fight the Dark Multiverse beings who managed to come through from their "home office" to our world, the chance to lift the curse of Brimstone is offered! But with Annie's life in the grip of the Salesman, Brimstone is forced to choose between his only family left and the sanity left in him.
ON SALE 03.06.19
$2.99 US | 32 PAGES

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The Curse of Brimstone #12 will debut on March 6, 2019.