Deadshot's Wrist Magnums Are The Coolest Weapons In The Film

When Will Smith walks into a room or a red carpet smiling, the rest of the room feels his energy, [...]

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When Will Smith walks into a room or a red carpet smiling, the rest of the room feels his energy, and responds in kind. He's the model of an A-list actor, who also somehow makes you feel like you're old friends. When he walks onto an elaborately decorated set on Suicide Squad, a ravaged street in Midway City, dressed in the complete DC Comics-perfect costume of Deadshot, however, it's difficult to maintain composure. When and select other press made the visit to the set last summer, the whole group was smiling and giddy seeing most of the assembled team. As Smith approached, those grins got larger. He addressed us each, shaking hands and learning names.

As he began to chat with us, he was also strapping on the signature weapon of Deadshot, his twin wrist-mounted gauntlet pistols. Despite being months into shooting, Smith was just as excited while putting them on as we were to see them in person. "Do you see what I'm saying?" he exclaimed with a laugh.

Smith was present when the guns were being constructed, and his excitement carried over from those early moments.

"These are the stunt ones," he said of the gauntlets he was putting on, "but they're actual glocks - there's real guns that actually fire. I got to go to the gun range and fire them for real, it's crazy. This is a weird kind of power thing having them strapped on and actually shooting them."

Smith worked on shooting live ammo out of them so that he'd know the "real sensation" of actually firing them. He also worked on how to use them naturally in a close-combat fighting style, something we saw in action in dailies shown in-between scenes being shot.

"It's a very cool kind of power thing," mixing the "martial arts" with the gunplay. "I was using the [fighting] base that I got with Ali from boxing, to be able to punch, and shoot," he said, while demonstrating. He worked with fight coordinators to develop the fighting style, "unch and shoot" back and forth.

"It's really cool, and it's fun. It's something you've never really seen before," Smith promised. "You get the same [punching] movements, and then, 'BANG!' It's really... it's like little boy heaven."

Earlier in the day, producers Richard Suckle and Andy Horowitz showed the concept art for the gauntlets, which were designed in collaboration with costume designer Kate Hawley, director David Ayer, the producers, and effect company Legacy Effects.

"We tested them out. They really work," Horowitz said. "They're very cool, and Will loves using them, and they do fire, and they're pretty bad ass."

Suckle teased that some Nerf-style versions of the writs-firing pistols (there are already foam costume versions) would be "coming to a store near you," and having seen the real deals, we can only hope.

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