Doom Patrol Adds Madeline Zima as Casey Brinke

Twin Peaks veteran Madeline Zima will play Casey Brinke, the superhero known as Space Case, in the upcoming season of Doom Patrol. The character of Casey was a key part of the Gerard Way/Nick Derington run on Doom Patrol, suggesting that it's possible the final season will mirror some of the events of the "Young Animal" run of the series, which began in 2016. In the comics, Casey was an in-universe comic book character, who was brought to real life by Danny the Street, whose powers were growing out of control. Danny didn't mean to bring her to life, and later let her go live her life, unaware of how she was "born."

Later, when Danny was targeted by a group of aliens known as Vectra, he called on Casey, revealed her true origin, and asked her to join the Doom Patrol to fight them off. There's also an evil version of Casey in the comics, named Doodle Bug, who came to life after Danny wondered what Casey would be like in the "real world," given her dysfunctional upbringing by a mad scientist.

"Casey is so beloved both by our writers on staff, and by fans of Doom Patrol in general," showrunner Jeremy Carver told EW, who debuted a first look at Casey in action. "We finally found a way to bring her into the story in a way that feels wholly organic to us, even though to someone who's never seen Doom Patrol, it might seem a little bats--- insane. To us, it fits perfectly! And it's not just a cameo."

You can see her Zima in the role below.

(Photo: EW)

It's widely assumed that Doom Patrol's fourth season will be its last. Recent reports have suggested Titans and Doom Patrol are "said to be on the chopping block," and star Matt Bomer recently took a leading role at Showtime, leading some fans to assume he wouldn't be back if there were more seasons to come.

"I love that group and those writers never fail to blow me away with what they come up with because they somehow find ways to outdo themselves, but it's never ungrounded. It's never so outlandish that it's outside of the realm of possibility -- I think it would be hard-pressed to find anything out of the realm of possibility for the show at this point," Bomer said last year. "This season, particularly for Larry and what he's going through, is just so fun to get to play and I feel like the writing is stronger than ever on the show."

He added, "I wish I were down there in person more often but I also love the freedom of getting to find Larry in the booth as well. I love it and I think fans are really going to love what's to come this season. Season 2 obviously dealt with trauma and this season kind of closes the loop on that because we had to finish early but also going to these new places with all the characters."