Harley Quinn Confirmed to Be Available Outside of the U.S. Very Soon

When DC Universe was first announced it came with a bit of controversy for all the DC fans that [...]

When DC Universe was first announced it came with a bit of controversy for all the DC fans that don't live in the United States since the comic book/television/movie streaming service isn't available anywhere else in the world. That may not seem like a big deal but where else are they going to find the original programming that debuts exclusively on DCU? Though the likes of Titans and Doom Patrol were picked up in some markets, not every series was so lucky, like the acclaimed animated Harley Quinn TV series. ComicBook.com can confirm that the show, whose second season will arrive very soon, will be available in other countries very soon.

A representative for Warner Bros. TV has confirmed the news to us. Which countries and what platforms remains to be seen. The series will make its UK debut next month on E4 and has already begun airing in Canada. In addition, a full blu-ray release for the first season is on the horizon.

Harley Quinn season 2 will arrive stateside on Friday, April 3, just two weeks from now. After dumping the Joker and seemingly killing him, rescuing her best friend Poison Ivy, and carving out a valid reputation for her new gang on the streets of Gotham, it looks like Harley will be continuing to explore the dark underbelly of the DC Comics universe as only she can with the new episodes.

New additions from the pages of DC Comics will appear in the new season with Catwoman set to be featured and voiced by actress Sanaa Lathan, best known for her roles in The Affair, The Twilight Zone, and Love & Basketball. She also has a long-running vocal role on Family Guy as Donna Tubbs. Lathan joins Alfred Molina as part of the newest cast members, with the latter portraying Mr. Freeze in Season 2 of Harley Quinn.

Fans were along for the chaotic ride as Harley dealt with her status in Gotham City after breaking up with the Joker and forging her own villainous identity, though it became clear that her bond with Poison Ivy was the most important relationship in the show. And while Harley has stayed single and Ivy has begun a strange relationship with the pathetic Kite-Man, fans are still clamoring to see the two sirens get together. The new season will put Harley up against some of the heaviest hitters from Batman lore along with some of the fan-favorite D-listers too.