Kevin Smith Gives His Opinion On The Batman's New Batmobile

The Batman has already made waves with its first reveal of the costume and batcycle, but one of [...]

The Batman has already made waves with its first reveal of the costume and batcycle, but one of the biggest recent reveals was the debut of the new Batmobile, which definitely started up a lot of conversation online. Reactions have been varied, with many comparing the car to something seen in the Fast & Furious franchise, though this one does feature a sneaky batsymbol in the design. On the newest episode of FatMan Beyond, Marc Bernardin asked Kevin Smith what he thought of the newest addition to the Batmobile legacy, and while it might not be Smith's favorite, he is definitely higher on it than some other Batmobile's in the past, including one of the more popular versions of the iconic vehicle.

"I think it's cool, it reminds me of the Barris Batmobile a bit, like in as much as 'hey, they took a normal car and retrofitted it.' I'm not taking anything away from Nolan," Smith said. "You never want to say anything anti-Nolan because f*** they'll come and kill ya and s***, but the Tumbler was not my...I was like 'alright, I get it', but to be fair like I thought Zack's Batmobile was like 'well that looks complicated' you know. But at the same time, my favorite Batmobile of all time is Tim Burton's Batmobile, which is also an overly complicated f****** vehicle and stuff, but that's, I love that Batmobile.

"But this I didn't, it didn't chafe at all. I wasn't like 'what the f***.' If they're doing a year one year two story, this all makes sense that he doesn't have the f****** brand new go**** expensive supercar and s***. It looks like they're doing progression on the costume, so like by the end of the movie we'll probably see something that's a little more uniform, but it feels like he's piecing it together and seeing what works and s*** like that, in the storyline I guess. That would be my conjecture based on the very limited stuff we've seen so far," Smith said.

"But I like it, man. The helmet reminds me very much of an Elseworlds Batman story where he wasn't hte pirate one..Gotham by Gaslight. It very much looks like Gotham by Gaslight to me, the helmet. But I'm in man," Smith said.

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