Patty Jenkins Says Rumors About Wonder Woman Being A Mess Are Entirely False

Earlier today, news broke that an alleged ex-employee at Warner Bros. had published an open letter [...]

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Earlier today, news broke that an alleged ex-employee at Warner Bros. had published an open letter online where she aired out her very...enthusiastic grievances with the studio. Angrily addressing WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara, the unverified employee went off about how the studio has tarnished its DC Films line-up, and she even went so far as to say that the Wonder Woman was being called "a mess" by insiders.

But, now, the film's director is firing back.

Taking to Twitter, Patty Jenkins responded to the assault through a series of tweets. If you would like to check out her thoughts, you can read them in order down below:

Clearly, Patty Jenkins hasn't heard anyone bad-mouthing the upcoming Wonder Woman flick as of yet. And, as the film is first at Warner Bros. to be overseen by DC Films co-head Geoff Johns, it would be surprising to hear such rumors. The guy takes Wonder Woman very seriously, ya'll - I don't think he'd want to let fans down.

And, what's more, Jenkins is also very aware of the responsibility she has to fans in making a Wonder Woman film which stands up to their expectations.

If we're to learn anything from this whole debacle, it would be in how we may be tempted to blindly trust shady Internet sources. Because, as always, people must take what they read online with a grain of salt - and it seems like Jenkins is about ready to drown the slanderous open letter in a tub of the salty stuff. She's sticking to her guns and standing behind the Wonder Woman 100%, something which fans are undoubtedly happy to see.

Diana Prince would surely approve of the move, no doubt.

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