Supergirl Recap With Spoilers: Kara Bends the Rules for Lena in "Blurred Lines"

supergirl blurred lines recap
(Photo: The CW)

After the shakeups and changes to the status quo on Supergirl so far this season, things are finally settling into something of a new normal for Kara Danvers and her friends. Granted, that new normal means dealing with the threat that is J'onn's brother Malefic, Kara repairing her relationship with Lena Luthor, and the added stress of adjusting to Andrea Rojas' new clickbait-focused CatCo -- as well as figuring out exactly what star reporter William Dey is really up to. And all of those things come together in tonight's episode, "Blurred Lines".

At a club, William confronts a man named Jarrid, but Jarrid shuts him down and goes to hook up with a tattooed woman. While they are making out in the restroom, a spider comes to life from her tattoo, crawls into his chest, and presumably kills him. The next day, Kara, Alex, Kelly, and James are still processing the events involving Malefic while Kara is nervous about having lunch with Lena.

In her lab, Lena is trying to figure out how to get Q waves to not just read brain waves but rewrite them. Eve (now the living AI Hope) reveals that Lex Luthor had been working with Q waves himself and he has details in his journals which are in a secure vault at a military facility, impossible to retrieve -- unless you're Supergirl. At CatCo, Andrea is looking for her clickbait stories for the week and someone suggests the sudden death of Dr. Jarrid but she's shot down by both Andrea and William and Kara suspects William knows more than he's telling. James offers to help her investigate.

Nia goes to visit J'onn as he thinks that Nia's dream powers might be able to help him restore his lost memories, through dreams, more safely than if he uses the technology with Kelly. In Kelly's lab, Malefic turns into the form of Pete Andrews, a friend of hers from previous and he claims that he needs help. She asks him to come back after her last appointment of the day. Elsewhere, Kara quickly travels the globe to get Lena her favorite things for their lunch. Kara confides that work is terrible and Lena tells her that she has been struggling since Lex and says that what she needs are his journals. Kara offers to go get them for her, then James calls her to come down to the medical examiner's office to investigate and Kara discovers the spider tattoo in Dr. Jarrid's heart.

Nia works with J'onn and they get into a childhood memory of his where they discover that his brother couldn't connect to the hive mind and had a different set of skills and was always cut off from the rest of the Green Martians as a result. J'onn and their father take Malefic somewhere and leave him there, to protect him. Later, J'onn comes to see him as an adult and the White Martians have already gotten to him and corrupted him. The emotional pain is so much for M'rynn that it resulted in his and J'onn's minds being wiped of his memory, an act equivalent to murder in Martian culture.

Kara and Alex hang out and Kara is reluctant to tell Alex that she's agreed to steal the Lex Luthor's journals for Lena. Alex is very against this, but Kara tries to rationalize and justify her breaking of the law and discovers that William spoke to Dr. Jarrid right before the doctor went off with the tattooed woman. Alex recognizes the ink. At Obsidian, Kelly agrees to help "Pete" after a bit of manipulation on his part. At home, Nia has a nightmare, troubled by her session with J'onn.

At the DEO, Alex explains that the tattoos aren't tattoos -- they are an alien life form that uses people as hosts. The new host is a woman named Caroline O'Connor, a former sniper who was hired to kill the doctor. Supergirl goes to investigate and is attacked by Caroline, but James shows up with a dampener. She gets away after attacking James with a spider. Alex is able to save him while Brainy works on the flash drive that Supergirl found. At J'onn's Nia shows him the rest of his dream and reveals it was J'onn, not his father, who did the mind wipe. He did it to ease his pain and perhaps even save his life. It's devastating news for J'onn and swears Nia to secrecy.

Supergirl goes to Fort Summit and retrieves the journals as well as a watch from Lex's things. Alex alerts her to Caroline's next target and Supergirl shows up at just the right time. At Obsidian, Kelly realizes that "Pete" is Malefic and attacks Kelly with his inception power. Alex is able to extract the spiders from Caroline, but she's murdered by a shadowy force before she can reveal who she works for. At Obsidian, J'onn shows up to save Kelly. After a confrontation, Kelly can mysteriously see Malefic due to a link created with the Obsidian treatment, but he got away. James agrees to go with Kelly so she's out of the picture and out of danger.


Nia tells brainy he's too much and it appears that they break up. On a park bench, William meets with a mysterious man who tells him to keep going and slides him a bunch of money hidden in a newspaper. Supergirl brings Lena Lex's journals. Alex and Kara say goodbye to James and Kelly, with Kara giving James the watch she took from Lex's things. At Lena's lab, Hope deciphers Lex's journal and gives Lena the information she needs.

Supergirl airs Sundays at 9/8c on The CW.