Superman #5 Introduces Fans to Another New Batcave

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

In James Tynion IV's Detective Comics, the Dark Knight not only has his traditional Batcave, but a secondary headquarters set up for training members of the Bat-family.

Now, it turns out, there's yet another Bat-HQ in the DC Universe -- and it made its first appearance in today's issue of Superman by Peter Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, and Doug Mahnke.

Trying to protect his family from The Eradicator, Superman packs them up in an airtight craft and flies them to the dark side of the moon. There, he reveals that while Batman and the Justice League have been keeping a close eye on his family, he's been keeping one on Batman.

And in the course of doing so, Superman apparently followed Batman to the moon, where rather than finding the JLA Watchtower, he found something a little more...proprietary. It's still a work in progress -- and after a throwdown between Superman, his family, and The Eradicator it's a little worse for the wear -- but Batman has a new cave under the surface of the moon.

Among the gear there is the kind of survival stuff you'd expect -- and also the "Hellbat" armor, introduced in Tomasi and Gleason's Batman and Robin run and created by the Justice League to give Batman an edge when he came up against foes he didn't have prep time for. It boasts a variety of abilities, but luckily for all involved one of them isn't being coded to Batman's specific DNA...because while visiting the Bat Cave on the Moon, Lois Lane takes the Hellbat armor out for a spin.


This is just the week of other people dressing up like Batman, I guess...!

Whether this Batcave will play a role in the Batman titles or just be a thing that Tomasi and Gleason have established for future potential use in Superman isn't yet clear, but either way, it's full of cool stuff...and not all that much of it has been explored yet.