Did DC Just Confirm SPOILER Has a Kid?

We're only a few issues into Teen Titans Academy, but the ensemble book is already proving to have [...]

We're only a few issues into Teen Titans Academy, but the ensemble book is already proving to have a unique impact on the world of DC Comics. The series sees the original and newer incarnations of the Teen Titans helping teach the young superheroes of tomorrow, and the underclassmen's stories are beginning to be explored across the run of the book. The recently-released Teen Titans Academy 2021 Yearbook brought a newer character to the forefront — and seemed to hint at their compelling parentage. Spoilers for the "Stitch, in Time" story from Teen Titans Academy 2021 Yearbook #1, from Tim Sheridan, Bernard Chang, Marcelo Maiolo, and Rob Leigh below! Only look if you want to know!

The first story in the 2021 Yearbook revolved around Stitch, a nonbinary "rag doll" and sorcerer's apprentice attending the academy. Stitch describes feeling like an outsider at the academy, both because they can't fully partake in some of the activities their human classmates, and because they worry that they can't make friends. As the story goes on, Stitch becomes more popular and noticed in school, especially after saving a group of students from falling shrapnel in gym class. Stitch recounts the ordeal to an unseen entity — who we later learn is none other than Doctor Fate. Visiting Stitch in their bedroom at night, Doctor Fate promises that Stitch will win the upcoming class presidential election, and refers to them as his "young apprentice."

teen titans academy doctor fate stitch 1
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As the vision of Fate disappears from the room, Stitch remarks "See you next week... Pop."

teen titans academy doctor fate stitch 2
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While there is a chance that this could be a term of endearment, the scene certainly reads like Stitch is more than just Fate's apprentice, and might be his child in some capacity. Of course, there's also the question of which iteration of Doctor Fate this is — the costume seems to indicate that it's the original holder of the mantle, Kent Nelson, but it could end up being the primary Doctor Fate, Khalid Ben-Hassin. Given the unique form that Stitch takes, there's a chance that either iteration of Fate created them through some magic means, and then raised them as if they were his child.

It's unclear exactly how and where this connection between Stitch and Doctor Fate will unfold forward, but it's still an interesting connection between the two characters — and to Teen Titans Academy as a whole.

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