The Flash Recap With Spoilers: Everything You Missed in "Lockdown"

With the timeline stabilized after last week's "Impulsive Excessive Disorder" and Bart (Jordan Fisher) and Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) back in the future, it's time for things to get back to "normal" on The Flash. For Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and the rest of Team Flash, that means protecting Central City and business as usual, but as we've seen from previews and photos, that doesn't exactly go smoothly. Goldface (Damion Poitier) shows up at the Central City Police Department wanting to get his hands on some "valuable" items in the armory.

The situation will require Barry and Captain Kramer (Carmen Moore) to trust and rely on one another to make it out alive in what sounds like a very tense situation. Want to find out what happened in tonight's episode of The Flash, "Lockdown"? We've got you covered with all the details from the episode with our recap, but be warned: there are full spoilers beyond this point!

At STAR Labs, Chester is on monitor duty, and it's been a slow day. He's about to step away to get lunch but thinks better of it, though Allegra shows up with lunch and they have an awkward flirtatious exchange that's cut short when alarms start going of indicative of three petty crimes in three different parts of the city. The Flash responds to all of them with ease and drops the criminals at the CCPD. However, Captain Kramer is frustrated and vents to Barry that while The Flash catching bad guys is a good thing, it's more work for them as the police rarely have an inside line on what is going on and she's tired of feeling out of the loop. Later, Barry talks to Joe and Cecile who point out that they always had the advantage of knowing The Flash and he should consider the situation.

Back at the CCPD, Barry gives Kramer a lot of data on the suspects that lets her charge the current ones in custody. However, Kramer points out that it's just enough to solve the issues for the day. There will be more issues tomorrow and if they were partnered with The Flash, they could do more. Before the conversation can go further, the elevator opens and there's some sort of device that spreads a gas that knocks everyone out — including Barry — and Goldface and his crew strolls into the precinct. When they come to, everyone is wearing meta dampening bracelets. Kramer tries to get Goldface to let the officers go, but he refuses. He explains that the bracelets also function as bombs that will kill them if they get out of line.

Goldface reveals that his girlfriend, Amunet Black, has intel that there are rare items in their armory, and he wants to get them. Goldface also recognizes Barry from a previous encounter. Meanwhile, Caitlin's date with Marcus doesn't go as planned when she realizes she made dinner reservations for the wrong date and end up at the same bar as Frost and Mark. Frost and Mark insist on making it a double date. It's a bit awkward for Caitlin, but her date seems to be enjoying himself. Caitlin pushes things too far and has a falling out with Frost, who leaves upset with Mark.

It turns out that the weapon Amunet wants Goldface to get isn't in the armory, so he has Barry and Kramer hauled in. He wants the meta bullets — one shot takes away a meta's powers forever. Goldface is planning to steal and sell them. Kramer is unwilling to give them up, so Goldface uses his gold chain to choke and endanger Barry. Before she can say anything, Barry offers to help find the bullets using a dark matter scanner. Amunet calls while Barry works on the scanner and Barry and Goldface end up chatting about relationships. Turns out Amunet and Goldface are now partners in both love and crime now and are stronger than ever. Goldface tries to turn up the heat on Barry.

But Barry wasn't making a scanner. He was resetting it so that they could escape from Goldface. They end up in a storage room and realize that Kramer's cuff is deactivated. Her meta powers short-circuited the cuff, and she can then mirror Goldface's powers and defeat him but she's unwilling to. She tells Barry she can't control her powers and hasn't been able to figure it out and that's why she wants to get in touch with The Flash. Goldface gives her two minutes to face him, so Barry gives Kramer a pep talk about her powers, and she heads to face the villain.

Mark returns to the bar to settle his bill and he and Caitlin talk. He admits that he messed up before, but he's trying to make up for it now. He tells Caitlin she reminds him of some of his less pleasant family members. He also calls her out on not going all in on her own date with Marcus. He tells her that she will eventually need to take a leap of faith. At home, Caitlin apologizes to Frost and admits she envies Frost's relationship.

Upon facing Goldface, Kramer takes on his powers and grabs his chain. Elsewhere, Barry pries his own bracelet off and speeds away from the blast it causes. It temporarily causes her to lose the gold powers but allows for The Flash to show up and save the day. Later, Barry catches up with Kramer. Turns out Kramer transferred the meta bullets to Argus weeks ago. Later, The Flash stops by to visit Kramer and gives her a communication device that she can use to call him and then also unmasks, but Kramer beats him to it. She already figured out that Barry is The Flash, thanks to the charred bracelet. Barry agrees to train her as a meta.

The episode ends with Iris going to get some more food at dinner only for the fork and then dinner to disappear. Then Joe seems to come from doing something completely different than what he was and temporal energy glows from Iris' eyes.

The Flash airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.