Titans Star Has Bad News for Fan-Favorite Couple in Season 4

DC's Titans is about to head into its fourth season, and the HBO Max-exclusive series is leaving a lot of elements still to be explored. With the show's ensemble growing every season, there are character dynamics — romantic, platonic, or otherwise — that fans want to see brought to fruition. Among them is Dick Grayson / Nightwing (Brenton Thwaites) and Koriand'r / Starfire (Anna Diop), who were last coupled up romantically in Season 1. While Nightwing and Starfire have a storied history in the comics, Thwaites indicated that it won't be further built upon in Season 4.

"We explored that in Season 1 pretty intently," Thwaites explained to TVLine. "As much as I love that storyline and loved what we did, [Dick and Kory] kind of reached an agreement, or we kind of just realized, that we work better as friends. And in Season 2 and 3, we've been working together more in a professional manner, but also as friends."

This news will probably be disappointing to fans of the comic couple, especially after it had seemed as if Dick and Kory would be having a romantic storyline in Season 3. While that romance does not seem to be in the cards immediately, fans can still look forward to seeing them share the screen in some context.

"This is how this [Season 3] is going to be different, I think in a lot of ways. It ultimately ends with them figuring out a way as a team. It ends optimistically," showrunner Greg Walker explained at DC FanDome in 2020. "I that the world that we live in right now. Especially the way the Titans can be, we kind of beat ourselves up for our past sins. It's nice to be liberated. We have a character named Dove who is going to point in the direction we're going to go. It takes them a long time to follow her advice. Ultimately finding a way to get off the hamster wheel. To stop doing things the way we've always done them and find a new way. That, they have to figure out how to do collectively."

Titans also stars Brenton Thwaites (Dick Grayson/Robin), Anna Diop (Koriand'r/Starfire), Ryan Potter (Garfield Logan/Beast Boy), Minka Kelly (Dawn Granger/Dove), Alan Ritchson (Hank Hall/Hawk), Conor Leslie (Donna Troy), Curran Walters (Jason Todd/Robin), Joshua Orpin (Conner Kent/Superboy), and Iain Glen (Bruce Wayne).

Season 4 of Titans is expected to premiere at a later date exclusively on HBO Max.