Wonder Woman 1984: Connie Nielsen Calls Patty Jenkins’ Vision Brave and Important

Wonder Woman 1984’s Connie Nielsen is stepping up to defend Patty Jenkins and her vision for the [...]

Wonder Woman 1984's Connie Nielsen is stepping up to defend Patty Jenkins and her vision for the hero. The Amazons have had a weird ride in the DC Comics film universe. Most fans absolutely loved the first Wonder Woman, but there are some who prefer Zack Snyder's vision for the character. The actress says that people should take the coronavirus pandemic delays to the second film into account before rushing to criticize WW84. As fans will remember, there were multiple instances of the film being pushed back due to those problems, and then when the movie actually premiered, it was a much more ready target during the holiday season. Nielsen thinks that people need to understand the unique situation that the entire creative team faced in getting the project out. She talked to Den of Geek about how things went down.

"I think that Patty has this extraordinary vision," The Hippolyta actress explained. "And it must have been incredibly painful to not be able to have a normal release and to have your release shuffled over and over, feeling this enormous weight on your shoulders for a pretty big blockbuster film, that you're supposed to be bringing the bacon back to the company, and you can't because you can't open the film."

Nielsen added, "I think that what happens psychologically is that a lot of movies like that then get into this insecure territory where they're up for a judgment that would not normally have happened. The fact that it was moved so many times, put it under scrutiny that it did not deserve. It also, as a sophomore film, will always be compared to the one before."

"I say this with all the deepest respect of everyone who maybe thinks differently," she continued. "No one can say that Patty is not true to the vision that she has of Wonder Woman, which is to me, an incredibly brave, incredibly important vision. The way in which she transforms the expectations of a superhero may not be to everyone's liking, because they've been conditioned to seeing a bunch of other films that follow these specific tent markers.

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