Patty Jenkins Explains 'Wonder Woman' Beach Battle in BTS Video

Wonder Woman conquered the box office, shattering records and wowing audiences with a film full of incredible battle scenes. However, it's a battle early in the film that most impact's Gal Gadot's Diana -- the battle on the beach between German soldiers and Amazonian warriors.

In a new behind-the-scenes feature from Entertainment Weekly, fans can see how director Patty Jenkins put together the important scene and she explains why it had such an impact on Diana. You can check out the video above.

"The beach battle was defined by one thing, which is Diana's point of view," Jenkins explains. "She has grown up with this idyllic, romantic idea of these Amazons all around her and battle and training. And she wants to be one of them. She's seen them train in a very fair and organized way, where they all fight, and there are rules."

But the German soldiers who follow Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) to Themyscira don't have the same rules, making the ensuing battle a turning point for Diana.

"So, this battle, what was fascinating to me [is] it's the first time Diana sees her own people turn and this other side of them, which is brutal and capable and willing to wage a battle. And she sees the brutality of man," Jenkins says.


The clip shows the newly revealed, brutal side of the Amazonians in action in the scene, which was filmed on a real beach in Italy with a global array of female athletes playing the warriors. It also reveals Jenkins in action directing Gadot and Pine, with Jenkins calling out what Diana and Steve would be seeing were the German soldiers really coming ashore.

Wonder Woman will be released digitally Tuesday and on Blu-ray September 19th. A sequel to Wonder Woman is expected in 2019.