Serial Box's Wonder Woman: Heartless Gets First Clip (Exclusive)

Serial Box has been no stranger to inventive, genre-inspired storytelling, bringing some of the nerd world's favorite superheroes and franchises into its unique premium reading and audio medium. Now, the platform is set to put its stamp on characters from the DC Comics universe — and we have an epic preview of what that will entail. Serial Box has provided with an exclusive clip of Wonder Woman: Heartless, an original new saga following the publisher's Princess of Themyscira. The clip, which you can check out in audio and written format below, adds an epic and sweeping take to Diana Prince's story, just in time for her 80th anniversary.

Excerpt: "Right now, his mouth was open in a silent scream, his eyes pinched shut against the pain, his entire body suspended in the air. His back arched and his hands strained toward his chest where a small red glow had begun to burn.

On the far side of the room, the cocoon of blue light twisted and spun, gathering speed as it moved. But that was not what drew the reedy girl’s attention. The man gasped, choking against a scream of pain. His chest burned with light as a glowing red orb was slowly drawn up and out.

The girl bounced lightly on her toes, her eyes tracking the glow of that heart as it glided toward her.
A red glow painted her grin from below as the heart—the first heart—was drawn inside the amulet clutched between her hands.

A single tear fell from the man’s eye. It hit the floor a second before his body."

In Wonder Woman: Heartless, when a magical threat targets both Washington’s elite and its most marginalized, Wonder Woman and the Crimson Avenger unite to mete out justice. The story pits Diana Prince, Jill Carlyle (Crimson Avenger), and British archeologist Dr. Barbara Minerva against two sisters — one a serial killer who is terrorizing Washington, D.C., by magically seizing the hearts of her victims, and the other whose powers might potentially be used to stop the killing streak.

With Serial Box's unique format, users have the option to either read or listen to each weekly chapter of Wonder Woman: Heartless, and can switch back and forth between the two. The audio version of the stories uses rich soundscapes, narration, and original music and sound effects to help "create a truly immersive story experience." Wonder Woman: Heartless is narrated by voice actress Tiana Camacho (Pokemon, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War).

The writing team for Wonder Woman: Heartless includes Natalie C. Parker (Seafire trilogy, Beware the Wild), Tessa Gratton (Strange Grace, The Queens of Innis Lear, Lady Hotspur), Alaya Dawn Johnson (Trouble the Saints, Love Is The Drug, The Summer Prince), and Heidi Heilig (The Girl From Everywhere, For a Muse of Fire, A Kingdom for a Stage). Serial Box head of content Hayley Wagreich produces alongside VP of content development Rhoda Belleza.

This is just one of several DC Comics-inspired series that Serial Box is set to release, as well as the upcoming Batman: The Blind Cut.

“We are honored to be entrusted with developing original stories for Batman and Wonder Woman, characters with rich histories and strong fan allegiance,” Serial Box co-founder and CEO Molly Barton said when the series were first announced. “Our talented writing teams have crafted thrilling new adventures linked to character origins and relevant to our challenging times.”


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Wonder Woman: Heartless will premiere on Serial Box beginning March 25th. A free, behind-the-scenes virtual panel featuring the team behind the series will also be available on launch day, which you can RSVP to here.