Young Justice: Outsiders Reveals the Team's Traitor and Batman's Plans, and Everything Falls Apart

The latest episode of Young Justice nearly broke the team a part completely, as the Justice League's plans against The Light finally came out of the shadows. And the details of their plan nearly broke the trust of many key members, and a major traitor was finally revealed — and all of this could break Black Lightning for good.

In the Young Justice: Outsiders episode called "Antisocial Pathologies," Nightwing still hasn't gotten over his sickness after his brush with the Anti-Life Equation. And as Dick Grayson lay in recovery with Bruce Wayne, Barbara Gordon, and many others on the Team and on the Outsiders checking in, Black Lightning realizes the truth — they are all working for Batman, whether they like it or not.

This is a huge deal for Jefferson Pierce, who quit the Justice League after accidentally killing a trafficked meta-teen coerced into working for Apokolips, and the subsequent struggles with post-traumatic stress. Batman essentially dismantled the League, though Wonder Woman and Aquaman secretly knew it was all a part of an act, in order to combat the Light in the shadows. He offered Black Lightning the chance to join his squad, but he said he wanted nothing to do with "Batman Incorporated."

So now Black Lightning has learned that he's been working for Batman all along, and the truth is also revealed about Beast Boy's Outsiders and how they've all been duped into going along with the plan as well. This leadars Beast Boy and Superboy into conflict with Miss Martian, as they both realize she has been a part of Batman's inner circle all along as well.

And to top it off, Dr. Helga Jace's treachery is finally revealed to all. Amid all of the chaos of Batman's secret plans coming to life, Jace plants compliance chips on Geo-Force and Terra, and then she convinces Violet to join her. But it's all a ruse as she turns the Mother Box known as Halo into the Ultra-Humanite and Granny Goodness.

The evil New God finally reveals that Halo is the key to the Anti-Life Equation and forces Jace to reveal her motivations, and the doctor admits that she doesn't care for Black Lightning, Halo, or the rest of the team — she only wants Brion and Tara to join her "family," as well as the chance to make more meta-humans.


Terra and Geo-Force escape (thanks to Deathstroke) and get back to the Team just in time to tell Black Lightning that his girlfriend Dr. Jace never truly cared about him. He then leaves the team, while many others stay — but that trust could be irreparably damaged.

We'll see how the Justice League, the Team, and the Outsiders bounce back when Young Justice: Outsiders returns to DC Universe on Tuesday with the episode "Terminus."