Young Justice: Phantoms Finale Introduces a Popular DC Hero - and Turns Them Into a Villain

A fan-favorite DC hero finally made their debut in the season finale of Young Justice: Phantoms. The cast of the DC animated series has continued to grow with each new season, as more and more heroes and villains are introduced in brand-new circumstances. For example, Young Justice's debut on HBO Max featured the debuts of Geo-Force, Cyborg, Harper Row, Forager, Halo, Jonathan Kent, and the Legion of Super-Heroes. One would think after four seasons all of the major DC characters would have already been introduced, but the Young Justice: Phantoms finale brought a major hero into the fold, but in the role of a potential villain.

The post-credits scene in the episode titled "Death and Rebirth" took viewers to Apokolips, where Granny Goodness' two newest recruits are introduced. First up is Black Mary, the former Mary Marvel and student of Zatanna. After being driven power-hungry, Mary left The Team and looks to have sided with The Light against her former friends. As shocking as Mary's turn to the Dark Side is, it pales in comparison to the next defection. Captured by The Light and turned over to Apokolips, this Kryptonian has spent decades in the Phantom Zone alone: Kara Zor-El, Supergirl.

(Photo: HBO Max)

The "Phantoms" in the Young Justice subtitle cleverly refers to the Phantom Zone, the home of Krypton's exiled criminals like General Zod. While Superboy's friends and family thought he perished on Mars, he was secretly rescued by Phantom Girl of the Legion of Super-Heroes. It's there that an amnesiac Superboy met General Zod, who manipulated the clone into helping him and his army escape the Phantom Zone. Superboy's fiance, Miss Martian, was able to help him regain his memories, and together with Superman, The Team, and time-displaced Legionnaires, they were able to send Zod back to the Zone. 

Supergirl's appearance raises several questions, with the first being why she was sent off to live in the Phantom Zone all by herself? It could come down to her family wanting Kara to escape Krypton's destruction, and the Phantom Zone being deemed the safest place for her at the time. It doesn't explain why General Zod never learned of Kara's presence while he was trapped there, however. 

Darkseid has quietly assembled a terrifying army to battle The Team and Justice League. Along with Black Mary and Supergirl, Darkseid also has General Zod and the other Kryptonians to command. Every season of Young Justice has shown Darkseid to add another major character to his side, mirroring how the Young Justice heroes are constantly recruiting as well. 

The fifth season of Young Justice still isn't a certainty, but debuting Supergirl and not following up on it would be a cruel move on Warner Bros. Animation's part. Showrunners Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti are constantly encouraging fans to let Warner Bros. know their desire to see Young Justice renewed, and if for no other reason than not letting it end on a cliffhanger like this.

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