Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Getting Its Own Pinball Table Next Year

Stern Pinball has done a terrific job keeping pinball not only relevant, but thriving, in arcades and entertainment centers like Dave and Buster’s. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a number of great licensed tables from the company, including, most recently, a table based on the classic Star Wars trilogy. But for its latest offering, it’s invading a different kind of galaxy.

The company has teased this morning that it’s hard at work on a new table based on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy film series. And you can tell it’s based on the movies because we caught a glimpse of Chris Pratt as Star-Lord in the video, which you can see above.

So far, we’ve only got a few teasers of what the table will be like, but it looks to be based on the first two films of the series, with a number of characters and activities featured. It looks like Yondu is mentioned, along with a quote from Rocket Raccoon (“Ain’t no think like me, except me!”) and what appears to be a Groot figurine that will be featured somewhere on the table. It also appears that the Star-Lord mask will play a pivotal part on the table, complete with light-up eyes.


Marvel and Stern Pinball have teamed up for a number of tables in the past, including Spider-Man (both based on the Sony films and the comics), X-Men and Marvel’s Avengers, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they’re teaming up again.

Considering we’ve only seen a glimpse of this table thus far, it’s too soon to tell if any of the film’s talent is involved with quoting stuff for it. However, it could work the same way as Star Wars, featuring a number of film clips and quotes from the stars to go along with the action. We’ll likely get a better glimpse at the table later this year, when Stern Pinball reveals it in full.

In the meantime, collectors have yet one more reason to get excited, as Guardians of the Galaxy will be available for purchase – in regular and limited editions – sometime in 2018. Showtime, a-holes!