Fortnite Has Become the Most Watched and Streamed Game On Twitch, Doubling PUBG's Numbers


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds may have been the top dog in the Battle Royale arena for a while there, but clearly it’s time for Epic Games’ Fortnite to shine.

Hot off the news reports from Good Morning America and other outlets discussing the “Fortnite Craze”, the game’s popularity has continued to soar, and a new report from Fortnite Intel suggests its popularity has taken over Twitch in a huge way.

With the statistics, provided by SullyGnome, the report reveals that Epic Games’ hit multiplayer game has become the most watched and streamed game on Twitch, beating out the likes of League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch and, yes, PUBG.

The stats indicate that over the past 14 days, the game has been watched a grand total of 4,882 years and 208 days (over the last two weeks, again), and it has been streamed for a total of 246 years and 231 days. That’s a lot of time.

And it’s also double of what PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has managed to accomplish. Its watch time has only been 2,521 years and 277 days over the last two weeks, and about 106 years and 194 days in streaming time.

Fortnite 3
(Photo: Fortnite Intel)

That’s not to say that PUBG is faltering in any way, as it’s still making tons of money for PUBG Corp., and will continue to thrive with new content coming down the road, including a new map debuting this summer. But Fortnite can seemingly do no wrong these days, becoming a driving force with not just hundreds of thousands of players, but also viewers that can’t get enough of watching their favorite players in action.

In addition, a chart showing both Fortnite and PUBG performance numbers over the last 90 days was shown, with Fortnite in purple and PUBG in green. As you can see, three months ago, PUBG just couldn’t be stopped. But now, Fortnite has rocketed past that.

Fortnite 2
(Photo: Fortnite Intel)

As far as if this trend will continue, that has yet to be seen. But we’re already seeing individual players thrive with their Fortnite audiences. For instance, Luminosity Gaming member Ninja recently reported 100,000 subscribers with his Fortnite streams. You can see that tweet below.


Congrats to Epic Games on the success of Fortnite! Now, what will PUBG do to strike back?

Fortnite is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available for Xbox One (in Xbox Preview) and PC.