State of Decay 2’s Collector’s Edition Doesn’t Actually Include a Copy of the Game

State of Decay 2

Yesterday, we reported on a story that State of Decay 2, Undead Labs’ follow-up to its zombie adventure, would be getting a sweet collector’s edition for Xbox One. In case you missed it, the package will include a spiffy Steelbook case, a special zombie mask (so you can freak out your friends, co-workers, etc.), a human brain Steelbook stand, a “thumb drive” (no, literally, a thumb) and a State of Decay 2 patch. It sounded like a pretty good deal for just $69.99.

But, apparently, there’s a catch – it doesn’t include the game.

Microsoft has clarified its previous post indicating that the collector’s edition doesn’t actually include a copy of the game – not even a digital one. “We have updated the post to clarify that a copy of the game is not included in the State of Decay 2: Collector’s Edition,” it said.

The game is still relatively cheap, as you can snag the standard edition for $29.99, or the Ultimate Edition for $49.99. Not to mention that if you subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass service, you’ll be able to play the game right off the bat, since it’s now a part of the service where day one releases like State of Decay 2 and Sea of Thieves are instantly added.

But still, how much of a bummer is this? It’s not often you see a collector’s edition of a game introduced without the game itself. We saw this practice with Bethesda’s Wolfenstein: The New Order, in which a special Panzerhund Edition was made, featuring a pretty sweet robot dog statuette, along with other goodies. And yet…no game. You had to purchase it separately. The same goes for Battlefield 1’s ridiculous $130 package and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, both of which offered collector’s edition goodies – but no download code for the game.

We do hope it’s not a practice that developers start picking up on, mainly because some people (including us) may be convinced that a collector’s edition has everything we need to enjoy the game – except, well, the game. If you want to sell collectibles, hey, great, but sell them separately instead of a package that could easily be confused as a deluxe package for the game.

Still, we might pick up that Collector’s Edition package alongside the game. I mean, that mask would totally be fun to wear at events.

State of Decay 2 releases on May 22 for Xbox One and Windows 10.


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