WWE’s Triple H and Nicolas Make a Surprisingly Good God of War Duo

God of War

Sometimes, the Internet can truly spin some amazing gold. And one Twitter user managed to do just that, taking an image that came out of the World Wrestling Entertainment this weekend and pairing it up with a forthcoming game – and it’s a perfect fit.

Anyway, Triple H, who performed at Wrestlemania this weekend in a match with him and his wife Stephanie McMahon taking on “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle in a mixed tag team match, recently got a photo with Nicolas, a young boy who made headlines in the same event when Braun Strowman chose him as an unlikely tag team partner, taking on the Bar in a tag team championship match. You can see the photo below.

But in that same tweet, you can see a caption provided by Twitter user Eliot Ballade, who referred to it as God of War. And, you know what? It’s perfect.

The forthcoming God of War for PlayStation 4 features a much older Kratos, beard and all, mentoring his child Atreus, as they make their way through a Norse world, surviving every encounter they come across. As you can see, Triple H has a similar beard to Kratos in the photo, and Nicolas could easily be a double for Atreus, despite his hair being a little bit longer. It’s pretty much a perfect caption.

Granted, we probably won’t see Triple H do any sort of Kratos cosplay anytime soon, save for Sony making a deal with the WWE for its next pay-per-view. But he does come strikingly close, muscles and all, so he’d probably do a killer job with it.

As for Nicolas, well, he’s still riding high on the success of his tag team match, in which he and Strowman won, only to relinquish the titles a night later on Monday Night Raw (after Nicolas screamed that opponents can “get these hands!”). But we probably won’t see him take the Atreus route unless he tries some cosplay in the future.


All the same, we love the image – and the idea that Triple H would kill it in a God of Warmovie.

God of War will release on April 20 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.