Fortnite Players Really Want A Star Wars Crossover

Right now, Fortnite players are busy either becoming Thanos themselves to celebrate the recently released Avengers: Infinity War, or busy being killed by him. Despite the Mad Titan getting nerfed, he has still proven to be quite a threat for those that know how to use his arsenal just right but just because this epic Limited Time Mashup is still going on doesn't mean that we aren't already looking ahead to what's next. So where should Epic Games take us next? How about to a galaxy far, far away?

Personally, I've been throwing the idea around of a Star Wars mashup for awhile now, but with Star Wars Battlefront II announcing their Han Solo season, and the new movie coming out this month, it's on my brain a lot more. So when I took to the Reddit boards and saw a huge trending forum for this exact topic, I knew it was time to join in on the rallied call.

(Photo: MamoruKin via Reddit)

Given that Marvel and the Star Wars franchise are both owned by Disney, this crossover isn't as far fetched as you might have originally thought. With one of the challenges this week also being centered around film set cameras, and one of new locations being an old drive-in, it would be more than a little perfect. What would be even cooler is if Darth Vader was the person one player could become via that iconic lightsaber in addition to Epic Games also releasing a Han Solo skin as well in celebration of Solo: A Star Wars Story coming to theaters.

We already know (and by know, I mean heavily speculated) that Jurassic Park will be the next theme, especially with the direct franchise reference in the loading screen. But maybe there is room for more? There's always a reason to talk about Star Wars so maybe if this forum gains enough traction Epic Games might consider it.

As for the recent Thanos event, when asked how exactly this collaboration came to be, the dev team stated:


"This collaboration started as a simple phone conversation between Epic and Marvel over a mutual appreciation for Fortnite and Avengers. We worked closely over the following weeks to bring these two worlds together and landed on the Limited Time Mashup, Infinity Gauntlet. When we saw the movie last weekend, which was incredible, we were even more excited."

Fortnite Season 4 is officially live for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and iOS players. The free-to-play game will officially be making its way over onto Android devices, though a release date has yet to be revealed. With Epic Games' massive presence at the upcoming E3 this year, it's possible they will be dropping some major bombshells for the game, including that highly anticipated Android release.